7 questions to ask when choosing a recruitment partner

Posted on 6 Sep 2022

When appointing a recruitment partner you’ll want to be reassured that they will deliver in an appropriate and strategic way.

Here are a few questions you should ask when you’re seeking a new recruitment service.

1. How do you approach this?
This is a good general starter question and the answer should show a deep and strategic understanding of the overall process and a tried and tested delivery structure.

The ability of a recruitment company to find good candidates is actually a given; but you also need to know that they will engage with each candidate to draw out their unique motivations, knowledge and capabilities. This will ensure that they only recommend people with the right skill set and cultural fit.

2. What is your track-record?
You’ll want to hear about extensive sector specific experience and a time-served recruitment team that can exhibit guile, confidence and maturity.

3. Can you provide testimonials and case studies?
If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to see lots.

4. Are you sector specific?
As mentioned above, your recruitment provider should be embedded and well connected within your business sector.

5. What recruitment options do you have for me?
Ideally you’ll want to see a variety of flexible, ways of working.

As well as recruiting for a one-off role, options may include full project services and recruitment process outsourcing.

6. What do you think success in a relationship looks like?
This really puts the ball in their court and you should hear about a structured, transparent and close communications process involving both sides.

You’ll also want to know that your recruitment partner will inherently understand that candidate placement is not just about filling a role; it’s about taking your business forward.

7. What are your terms of business?
Clarity about fees is important for you as you should be able to quickly see that you’ll get a measurable return for your investment.

Be wary by the way, of recruitment companies that only want to work remotely.

They really should visit your head office so that they can fully understand you, your organisation and your culture.

You may also like to ask them about the values and ethics that shape their ways of working.

Rest assured
If you start to build a new working relationship by asking these questions (and of course, if you get strong answers back) you will be confident that you’ve found a recruiter that will work in your best interests.

By the way, if you’d like to ask itecopeople any of the above questions we’d be very pleased to answer them.

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