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As a specialist arm of AI, machine learning can be even more difficult to recruit for, with plenty of opportunities out there and not so many qualified candidates hunting for roles. This can make it an even more stressful and time-consuming field to recruit in, and in which to look for a suitable position.
But what if it didn’t have to be this difficult? What if you could share that responsibility and get an even better outcome?

That’s why we’re here at itecopeople, as we can take away the stress of recruiting for businesses, as well as the time-consuming search for new opportunities for candidates. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing since 2000 at our machine learning recruitment agency in the Cotswolds and Cornwall, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

If you want to make that journey to the finish line a much shorter and easier one, get in touch with the itecopeople team; whether you’re a client or a candidate, we’ll do the hard work for you, letting you reap the rewards.

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We’re living in a technology-driven era, and machine learning is a key part of that – can you afford to let your business fall behind in this rapidly-developing field by missing out on the best talent?

Machine learning is a specialist field, using data to let machines generate accurate predictions and results without being explicitly programmed – that’s why you need to be able to attract the best candidates ahead of your competition. Is letting the top talent slip through your fingers really an option?

We’re here to help at itecopeople, as we have over 20 years of experience in recruitment, and we’re proud to be a specialist machine learning recruitment agency. Our team is here to ensure that your business benefits from the very best candidates out there by finding your ideal fit.

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Are you frustrated in your current role and need a new challenge?
Well, there’s no point in sitting there, waiting for an opportunity to come to you - at itecopeople, we have suitable roles here that we’d like to take you through, as one of them has got your name on it.

We have helped thousands of people find roles that they love since we founded itecopeople in 2000. And as a passionate, professional and ethical company, you can trust us to do right by you.

So, if you enjoy translating digital information into meaningful human experiences, a new role in machine learning could be the right path for you – and who better to help than a dedicated team at a specialist machine learning recruitment agency?

Whether you’re a specialist ML engineer or an expert in supervised learning, Python development, data science, reinforcement learning or unsupervised learning, we are regularly contacted by businesses looking to recruit in machine learning.

Take this opportunity to find your ideal permanent role or assignment with a brilliant business, and explore our current vacancies in machine learning today.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about your interim career progression in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – as management consultancy recruitment specialists, we know we can find the right position for you, with a great consultancy client.

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As a niche area within AI, recruiting for machine learning roles isn’t always straightforward – by working with itecopeople, candidates can find exclusive openings and assignments, and clients can attract the talent they need. Can you afford to pass up on that opportunity?

By choosing to work with our specialist machine learning recruitment agency, you’re not only saving yourself time and stress – you’re also putting yourself in the best possible position to find your ideal fit. That’s because here at itecopeople, we work hard to give everyone involved the positive outcome they deserve.

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"I’ve found work through itecopeople a number of times and the experience has always been 1st class. Starting with the professional way they approach everything they do, going all the way through the journey with them, they are just great people to work with. Always helpful, always honest and never shy of going the extra mile to help. I thank everyone who works there for making it such a joy to feel part of their family."

Russell S, candidate