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Meet itecopeople, your new recruitment agency for IT

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Take back your time with our IT recruitment company

Are you struggling to juggle driving your company forward and leading your team, at the same time as recruiting for essential IT positions?

With so much on your plate already, adding recruitment to the pile can be overwhelming and absorb more of your time than you can afford to give.

At itecopeople, we’ve seen it before, many a time, where there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to find the right fit for your team without compromising on something. You’re at risk of projects falling behind, staff being overworked and unhappy, and general low morale.

If you take a step back to recruit for more staff, things could get worse, but you can’t afford not to enhance your team.

What if there didn’t have to be a compromise? A way to take some of the weight off your shoulders? A way to avoid burning out?

That’s where itecopeople comes in.

As a specialist recruitment agency for IT, we know what businesses like yours look for in new team members and contractors, and we’re here to help you find them.

We’re proud to have helped thousands of clients find the right fit for them, time and time again, since we established itecopeople in 2000. Would you like to add your business to that ever-growing list?

If you want to stay in control of the process from start to finish at the same time as moving your company forward, faster, speak to itecopeople today and start searching for the talent your team needs.

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Your experience with itecopeople

When you work with a recruitment agency for IT, or any other industry for that matter, communication is key. Every interaction with us is important, as we appreciate how many plates you’re spinning and how precious time is. That’s exactly why we do everything possible to make sure your journey working with us is informative and smooth – we know how much is riding on finding the right person to slot into your team.

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“Very happy with the service received, speed, accuracy and the provision of good candidates. In addition, ease of operation with Simon, necessary information, accurate, speedy and no hassling for information. Happy with the relationship.”

Stephen T.


Which role are you recruiting for?

Whether you’re recruiting for a role in one of the sectors below or something else in the IT world, and whether it’s a contract role or permanent position, we’re here to help you find the candidate you need – click on the buttons below to find out more about the sectors we regularly recruit for.

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  • Housing Association

    Are you an employer or job applicant looking for a helping hand in housing association recruitment? At itecopeople, we’re here to help – speak to us today.

  • Management Consultancy

    We’re specialists in management consultancy recruitment – if you’re looking for a role in this area or need an assignment filling, speak to us today.

  • MSP

    Are you looking for a specialist in MSP recruitment? Speak to itecopeople today, with thousands of happy clients and positions filled since 2000.

  • Public Sector

    Need a public sector recruitment expert? Get in touch with itecopeople today and get the answers, support and opportunities you’ve been looking for.

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How can we help?

Find your ideal candidate with our specialist recruitment agency for IT

Recruiting can be a time-consuming, labour-intensive process – why not save yourself time and stress, and let us take care of your upcoming openings?

To find out more about how we’ll take care of your business during the recruitment process, why not speak to a member of the itecopeople team today? And with more time on your hands, start enjoying more profit, more growth, less stress and a happier team, not to mention a better work-life balance.

If you would like to discuss your current and future recruitment opportunities in more detail, speak to our expert team and we’ll be able to advise the best course of action, as well as attract the very best candidates, making the process as smooth as possible for you and your business, every step of the way.

Trust itecopeople, a specialist recruitment agency for IT, to find the talent you’ve been looking for to enhance your team.

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