Can Technology Help Save the Earth?

Posted on 7 Sep 2022

Whether you are connected or not connected, everyone in the world is now aware of technology being implemented in aspects of everyday lives. The infamous ‘Alexa’ and ‘Siri’, who are now lovingly hated in households or offices, are changing the ways that simple tasks are being completed to make our lives easier. Internet of Things (IOT) is also changing the way that we live our daily lives both at home and the workplace, whether this is  through a ‘smart’  fridge, TV, boiler or heating system. It is also very important to recognize that IOT is transforming the recruitment sector in terms of being able to stay connected to clients and potential business collaborations. The introduction of wearables may indeed allow for holographic phone calls to be made from the car which would cut down on travel time and better face to face relationships to be created straight away in order to help prevent conflict and confusion (sounds good, I know!).

Although all of this sounds excellent and helps with our day to day lives, there is a more important and pressing issue on our hands. OUR PLANET. The recent discovery that the Planet is only twelve years away from being unable to reverse the damage has got everyone in frenzy and going eco mad! The rise in metal straws and reusable bottles is a simple and effective start, but now IOT is taking a leading role in saving Earth.

It is now found that the trees are being given a voice to help save the most important factor on our planet! With IOT being implemented in the rainforests it is helping with deforestation and the salvation of our environment. Research tells us that this can be through sensors being attached to trees which then send alarms to the deforestation protection organisations when the sounds of chainsaws and vibrations activate them.

Additionally, IOT can help save loved species such as sea turtles. Sea turtle eggs are one of the most desired items on the black market, it has been found that a single egg can be sold for $300 (£236.68), and this is why they are being heavily trafficked between the U.S. and Mexican border. New protection programmes are now coming into effect through the implemented use of technology and is also helping to track the poachers that are taking them. This is done through a fake egg being placed in the turtles nest which holds a tracking device inside; not only is this saving the existing turtle eggs, it is stopping the traffickers, thus stopping future endangerment to the animal.

As technology continues to grow, there will be more to help save the environment and the living organisms that make the planet our home. This is just the beginning, and in the next ten years expect even bigger advances in IOT and the affect that it can have upon the world. Hopefully with the increased awareness of the current state of the Earth, we can help prevent further destruction one step at a time.