Stay positive!

Posted on 7 Sep 2022

Stay Positive!

We know that job hunting can feel particularly tough right now, whether that’s because of the volume of people searching, not hearing anything back once you’ve applied, or only receiving rejection emails. It can be enough to make anyone feel de-motivated.

However, it’s important to stay positive.

Stay focused on the practical things that you can control. Here are some tips to help you remain positive during your job search.

1. Establish a daily routine

Create a structure for your day, and your job search will be better for your mental wellbeing plus, it will put you in the best frame of mind for the tasks ahead.

Allocate a start and finish time each day to focus your search, do your research and tailor your applications. Breaking it down into manageable tasks will make things feel less overwhelming, and you’ll feel a sense of achievement once you’ve hit your target for the day. Sticking to your timeframes will also allow you to switch off and refocus the next day.

2. Utilise your personal and business network

It can help reach out to your broader network rather than channel your energy into traditional job hunting methods.

Put a message out on your social media channels and ask your network to share it, email your contacts or even ask your friends and family to put the word out there for you. You never know what opportunities will come up.

3. Think outside the box

You may have experience in a specific industry, sector or role; however, being open to different opportunities will help you cast your net wider. Maybe one option could be to take on a temporary position or a fixed contract. There has been an increase in demand for contract workers since the pandemic to allow employers to be more flexible during these everchanging times.

4. Develop your skills

There has never been a better time to work on your personal development. Find an online course that will strengthen your skills and broaden your knowledge and ultimately make you more employable. Learning something new is great for your wellbeing, plus it may also introduce you to new contacts to add to your network.

5. Check-in on yourself

Ensure you take regular breaks and time away from your job hunting and do something you enjoy; it will help you switch off and return with a fresh and positive attitude.

Remember to check in with yourself - are you eating healthily, getting enough sleep, and staying active? These things contribute to your overall wellbeing, so getting them right will make you feel better about your job search.

6. Ask for help

It’s okay to ask for help! The job market can be very challenging, and if you are not experienced in navigating it, it can feel intimidating.

Whether you are looking for help with writing your CV, completing an application, or simply supporting the search process, asking a recruitment professional or mentor can be beneficial.

Whatever your situation, the most important thing is, don’t give up. Keep searching, keep learning and stay positive!