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"Many thanks for your feedback. I just wanted to highlight how pleased I am that you and your colleague Alex have taken the time to keep me informed along the way and to come back with feedback. There are so many Agencies out there that are very poor in the area of candidate feedback. I will certainly remember your organisation as one to contact when I find myself in a role and I am looking to recruit. Once again thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future."

Patricia P.


"Many thanks Simon, I really do appreciate the prompt response; it is so refreshing to exchange with a recruitment consultant who is on the ball and takes the time out to mail back to candidates. There is obviously a very different, much more professional culture down in the west country."

Chris W.


"How refreshingly different. I have been in the contracting market for about 4 years now and this is the first time that an agent has ever got back to me with feedback to let me know how things are going. I must thank you and encourage you to keep up the great work."

Sally W.


"Miles, just before we talk about the role can I just say how impressed I have been not only with you as a consultant but with everyone I have spoken to in your firm. The way they pick up the phone, confirm my name, etc. 10/10 for making me feel that I am an important call. Head and shoulders above any other consultancy I am dealing with at present."



"It has been refreshing to work with such a professional and expert team. Not only have they listened to our exact requirements, they have gone over and above on a number of occasions to make sure we have all the information we need to take on our first employee.
I would not hesitate to use itecopeople again."

Cath H.


"I just wanted you to know what an amazing person Tina Heale is. Many agencies these days don't seem to regard the contractor as a business partner, or at least don't seem to think they deserve a particularly high level of service. Tina is the complete polar opposite of this, and while I have previously been drifting away from the idea of working with agencies as they seemed to add very little value, she has shown me on many occasions that there is at least one that goes way beyond expectations and actually makes me feel like a valued contributor. I am writing this because it is important for me that you know how much she has added to my experience with you over this past contract duration, and I'd like to express my thanks to you and your entire team for this. With grateful thanks, and hopes to work with you again in future."

Paul B.


"Dear Mr. Dunscombe, I'm writing to tell you what a wonderful experience I have had with Laura Ramm; she is one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with when applying for a job. She is a very capable and intelligent woman, who truly knows how to do her job and it has been a pleasure to have been contacted by her. Whatever happens, if I get the job or not that I have applied for, I think you should know that she does excellent work in a professional manner. She goes into great depth and in detail. That's all; I just wanted you to know. Kind regards."

Julia W.


"I would also like to thank you personally for all the time and trouble you’ve taken; please don’t write it off because you are a people business and a long game is the only way to do business. I’d say you’re one of the most switched on recruitment consultants I’ve met in the past 20 years, someone who takes the time to understand their clients and applicants. Sadly very rare today. Hopefully something else will bubble up? "

A. L.


"Hi Simon,  Just a quick note to express my gratitude for the time you spent with me today and the invaluable advice offered."



"Hi Simon, Just wanted to connect with you on here to aid any future opportunities. Disappointing result with A***, but maybe they'll change their minds. Stranger things have happened. But like I said earlier, there are plenty of positives to take from this process, like meeting J******** and S******, and also connecting with yourself and Laura. You've both been outstanding through this whole process. By far the best recruitment professionals I've ever come across. Your communication is second to none, and the efforts you go to for your candidates really are first class. So thank you for that. "

Mark W.


"Hello Simon, Further to our conversation yesterday I wanted to take the opportunity to express my sincere thanks to you and your staff for your services over the last year. As this was my first contract I was naturally nervous about taking the plunge. But dealing with itecopeople I always felt I was in good hands and you all genuinely cared. So please pass on my genuine thanks and appreciation to all your staff and I hope we are able to work together at a future date."

Andrew B.


"Iteco people has been truly friendly, supportive and informative in my search for a career. Their connections and expertise connected me with my new employer, putting me one step closer to my career goal."

Jake I.

"Very happy with the service received, speed accuracy and the provision of good candidates. In addition, ease of operation with Simon, necessary information, accurate, speedy and no hassling for information. Happy with the relationship."

Stephen T.


"I appreciate your work so far, the candidates have been very appropriate and you've been very helpful in organizing the different meetings."

Thomas C.


"I can honestly say that you are the only agency that I have used who has maintained such an informative and high level of contact with clients."

Mark W.


"I have been very impressed by the quality of service you have provided. When another requirement arises I will certainly seek your assistance again."

Jessica P.


"Colin, I must say I do appreciate your responsiveness and you are to be congratulated on that as it is VERY rare in your sector!"

Simon B.


"Can’t fault Ben and all his efforts so far with this application – would recommend to anyone. Score 5 out of 5 for Communication, Understanding and Industry knowledge. "

Mark D.


"It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. I will definitely be contacting your company directly next time. Not going to mess around with chasing other recruitment companies. You have been both very professional and supportive through the entire process. Thank you for your understanding. "

Bunmi L.


"I have been very happy with itecopeople and would be happy to refer anyone with recruitment needs to them. Our recruitment has not been without its complications but the staff, (especially Laura) at the company have been brilliant and helped us in every way that they can. "

James H.


"Daniel and Simon were very good in terms of communication with me regarding the position applied for. They represented me very well and have organised everything well without any issues. Would recommend Daniel and Simon to anyone. "

Candidate feedback - Jobsite


"Simon…I did however, want to touch base with you to express my thanks and praise your most excellent staff for all their support over my period of time with ***. I must praise Tina in particular, who was superb and dealt with my invoices in a speedy manner. Simon, I have been involved with many agencies over my lifetime as a contractor, I can honestly say that yours is right up there with the best. Would I recommend working for ***?  - yes definitely - especially coupled with the excellent support your agency provides. I do wish you and all your staff every success for the future and that goes for all the staff at *** as well. "

Alan S.


"Hi Emily. Thank you for continually keeping me up to date. I have never dealt with a recruiter with such manners nor courtesy and it’s absolutely refreshing to receive such great service. You’re a first, you stand out and you should be proud."

Jeremy F.


"My general experience with itecopeople has been outstanding both professionally and on a personal level."

Rob M.


"Thanks Tina. Likewise, it's been a pleasure working with you too. Unfortunately, my new agent doesn't live up to your high standards. Please pass on my thanks to everyone at itecopeople and I hope our paths may cross at some point in the future."

David I.


"I appreciate that you have taken the time and trouble to personally respond to me, which I have found is definitely not the norm in the UK recruitment sector."

Mike J.


"I’ve found work through iteco people a number of times and the experience has always been 1st class. Starting with the professional way they approach everything they do, going all the way through the journey with them, they are just great people to work with. Always helpful, always honest and never shy of going the extra mile to help. I thank everyone who works there for making the it such a joy to feel part of their family."

Russell S.

"It has been a pleasure dealing with everyone at itecopeople. They managed my contract appointment in a very speedy and efficient manner in just a couple of days. I look forward to working with them over the next six months and hopefully beyond. They will be my first port of call for my next contract. "

David I.


"Hi Charlotte, hope you are well. Although things didn't work out at G****** I wanted to say thank you so much for your honesty, help, and support while I have been looking for work over the past few weeks. You are an amazing recruiter. I've never felt like I had to chase you for updates and you always took the time to listen to me and provide me with a complete set of information. Even though we never met, your enthusiasm is infectious and it was always a pleasure to hear from you even if there was no update or progress to report! Please pass this email onto your manager so they know how fabulous you are. It is refreshing to know that people like you are out there who tell it like it is and actually care about their clients and candidates. My contract with C****** will be finished by this time next year so I hope I can contact you then when I am looking for work again. Many thanks."



"We engaged with itecopeople to help find a Senior Project Manager to complete the roll out and closure of a critical project. We were delighted to engage a high calibre Project Manager, with relevant knowledge and experience, who could start within the required timescales. What we appreciated most about working with Simon and his team was their proactive response, ability to accurately identify appropriate candidates, fielding them for interview in a timely way and to maintain communications about suitability throughout the selection process. The most difficult part of the process was the decision about who to appoint. "

Helen E.


"We chose itecopeople to assist us with a specific client brief for a number of senior critical hires across IT. From the beginning we found Simon and Miles from itecopeople to be both diligent, trustworthy and highly knowledgeable. Itecopeople provided us with a select number of well qualified candidates across the brief whom were of a high calibre. The client and ourselves felt that itecopeople had listened and understood the clients requirements from both a technical and cultural perspective that enabled them to present engaged and highly skilled short list. A number of successful hires were made. Both the end client and ourselves have enjoyed working with itecopeople and will continue to partner with them on future projects. In addition to this I would highly recommend itecopeople to anyone organisation looking to partner with an IT recruitment consultancy."

Paul B.


"I have had experiences with many recruitment agencies, none quite like itecopeople. Dealing with them has been from start to finish a pleasure, particularly Simon, who really takes the time to get to know you as a person. This makes the job search so much more refined. He is also a very experienced recruiter and as such has a wealth of advice to offer which he gives freely and without bias. On this occasion, I chose not to accept the offer and Simon and the team were ever professional. I would not hesitate to work with them again, trusting that they really have the best interests of the candidate and the client at heart."

Kate R.


"I’ve worked with Itecopeople for many years and the experience has always been friendly and efficient.."

Matt C.


"Morning Tina and Simon. Yesterday was my last day working for XXX XXXl, and I have just submitted a timesheet for this week. May I say what a pleasure it has been working with you and special thanks to you Tina for looking after me in sometimes trying circumstances with the umbrella company. I wish you the best of luck going forward and would be very happy to work with you again should the opportunity arise."



"Morning Simon. Thanks. I’ve signed the contracts and all is now in place. We’ve got M*** and T**** set up on J******* email addresses and have kick-off calls arranged with them for this afternoon, so we can take it from here. Thanks to you and the team (Laura and Tina) for responding to this requirement so promptly and professionally – it’s only 7 working days since we received the initial enquiry from the client and we now have the proposal signed off and a team on the ground ready to start work!"

Jonathan B.
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