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Posted on July 19, 2018  in General
Why choose an independent IT recruiter firm?

To support your business and to ensure you always have the right people in role, you need an efficient employee recruitment process.


Working with an independent and industry specific recruitment consultancy is the pain-free and most cost-effective ways to get this.


Here’s why.


1. Values and service

When working with any business but especially a recruiter, the values behind the organisation indicate how you will be treated.


Independent recruitment companies are often smaller organisations and more likely to provide a personalised service.


Some of the larger companies for example, may say yes to every type of role, even if they’re not especially well connected within that area. As a result they may find that they struggling to deliver.


Smaller means therefore, that the people involved are more likely to be upfront about what they can and cannot do and the roles they can guarantee to place.


2. Consistency

Independence can also mean better focus and consistency.


In smaller bespoke agencies the employees tend to stick around for longer.


You’re more likely therefore to find yourself talking to the same consultant throughout an entire recruitment process, as well as maintaining a relationship with them into the future.


This means they’ll always know you and your history and be able to respond quickly and effectively.


Here at itecopeople for example, we have worked with a number of our clients for 10 to 15 years. During that time we will have placed a number of employees into their organisations, filling either interim or perm roles.


In addition, smaller recruitment companies are more likely to have fewer clients on their books.


Again, this makes it easier for them to really look after each one and build close relationships.


3. Sector specialism

A recruitment service specialising in a single sector can bring huge advantages to both sides.


A sector specific consultant will be highly networked, will know the main movers and shakers within the industry and be able to tap into their multiple connections.


They’ll also be able to inherently understand your role requirements.


What does all of this lead to?

Overall, there are three key reasons why we believe that an independent and sector specific IT recruiter is the best choice for both candidate and client.


They are:


1.     They offer a more personalised and consistent service

2.     They have an increased ability to understand (and respond to) your needs

3.     They save you time, bringing you a more cost-effective solution.



Here to help

itecopeople is a highly connected and well established (we’ve been around almost 20 years) IT recruitment specialist.


Our ultimate focus is on progressing the careers of individuals and solving the business challenges of organisations.


So if you are looking for a recruitment partner that will act as an extension to your organisation, delivering first class talent when you need it - contact Miles Austin or Simon Dunscombe discuss how our friendly and knowledgeable approach can work for you, t: 01566 776 888

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